Foster Lancaster
Foster Lancaster

"A Real Person"

The "Why"

I make music to end stereotypes, humble bullies, bring cultures together, and give hope to the hopeless romantics.

Foster Lancaster's Music

Foster Lancaster is an independent pop singer, songwriter, and producer.

The Heart-throb of Independent Pop

Inspired by a call-back from the X-Factor USA, his first songs were noticed by the popular hip hop blog, and he gained an audience that he cultivated until it was a community. Foster’s music is vulnerable and honest. He’s got a charismatic wit, a passion for every detail, a face that people connect with, and a musical talent that really seems to mean something to his audience.

"Fostering" a Sustainable Community

Foster Lancaster’s fanbase is very dedicated and always finds creative ways to show support. Even his casual fans feel familiar with him and are highly interested in his music and media posts.